McKinnon Kennedy Tree


The family of John McKinnon and Sarah Kennedy are now moved to the new location.
For the now there is 3 generations and 43 individuals in this tree.

John died on lot 19 con 5 Kenyon in 1866
Sarah died on lot 8 con 3 Lochiel in 1882, this was the residence of their son Archibald born about 1838 in Scotland according to the census.

Family of John McKinnon and Sarah Kennedy of Glengarry

McKinnon McMillan Tree

Kenyon Family

Now adding the family of Alexander McKinnon and Catherine McMillan of Kenyon, Glengarry.
So far I have three sons, Angus, Duncan and John.
I found the birth record for Angus but not for his brothers.
Angus raised his family on lot 35 in the first concession of Kenyon, Glengarry.

For John, I have one son, Donald and his wife Harriet McDonald.
They will be added soon.

For Duncan, only his marriage to Christy McDonell.

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